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Jul 25, 2017

What is your sign saying about your business?

 What is your sign saying about your business?

Signs say a lot about the products and services your company offers. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. This is why you need to make sure you know what your sign is saying about your business and hire the best sign company for the job.


Business signs represent your company. They have a big impact on attracting new customers. Most established businesses often forget about the impact of their own signs. Usually, business owners only revisit their own signs when they see newer signs going up or if the sign needs repair.


If you have a store front, make sure your sign gives your customers the best impression of your business. If you see a handwritten or inexpensive sign at a local Michigan store, you assume the products will be cheap or have low quality. When you see a business with an older run down sign, you question how successful the business is.


Making a Classic Detroit Sign Even Better


Phillips Sign and Lighting often works with clients who want to upgrade their current signage. These clients want to make sure the new sign keeps a lot of the same design elements of their previous signs. Our talented team of designers has exceeded the expectations of these clients. Recently, Phillips helped Metro Detroit’s potato chip company Better Made change their sign.


Phillips Sign and Lighting Inc. is the Most Reliable Source for Michigan Signs and All of Your Commercial Sign Lighting Needs


Updating or replacing your sign can help you give your business a newer look. Changing your older signs will capture your client’s attention. It will also let your clients know your business is growing. When people see newer signs the assumptions they make about the business have positive connotations such as: "This Company is successful, reliable, they have vision, or they are always looking to improve."

If you are thinking about replacing your existing sign, contact Phillips Sign & Lighting. We will answer all of your questions and decide what the best solutions are no matter what type of signage you have. Whether you need pole signs, MI custom signs, vehicle graphics, outdoor sign lighting, or channel letters signs, we can accomodate your needs.