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May 24, 2018

How Channel Letter Signs Get Your Message Out to Customers

 How Channel Letter Signs Get Your Message Out to Customers

Channel letter signs are great options for businesses that want easy and affordable ways to present themselves in the best light possible to existing and potential customers. Constructed in either plastic or metal (normally aluminum because it does not rust), letters used in channel letter signs are used to spell out the name of your business for all the world to see. With expert sign lighting, these signs can be illuminated so that they’re highly visible at any time of the day or night. At Phillips Sign and Lighting, we handcraft high-quality channel letter signs for all types of businesses and organizations. And we would love to create the perfect sign for your branding and marketing needs.

Different Types of Channel Letter Signs Available from Phillips Sign and Lighting

As a premier Michigan sign company, we can create all types of channel letter signs. Here are a few of the options available.

Exposed Neon Channel Letter Signs: These signs incorporate standard channel letters. However, neon is incorporated in the design, and this neon is covered with a clear acrylic face. This keeps birds from making their nests in the letters and protects the neon from rain, sun, and wind. Yet, both the neon and the inside of the channel letters are still visible, imparting an attractive, multi-dimensional look.

Plastic Formed Channel Letter Signs: Letters used in these types of signs are molded from heavy-duty plastic and feature raised lips. Then, a cover made from translucent, light-diffusing colored plastic is snapped over the bases of the letters. Next, cut vinyl is applied to letter faces to produce a “halo effect” when the finished sign is illuminated.

Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs: Here, the faces of the channel letters are constructed from aluminum, then sign lighting is directed from the back. This creates negative space on the sign when it is viewed at night. These types of sign letters are also referred to as “halo letters,” and how they appear depends on the color, texture, and sheen of the building surface on which they are mounted. The sign experts at Phillips Sign and Lighting recommend back-lit channel letter signs to business owners with light-colored building surfaces.

Face and Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs: Combining the features of both face and back-lit letters, these channel letter signs offer spectacular displays when the correct type of commercial outdoor sign lighting is applied.

View Our Channel Letter Signs In Our Gallery

Trust Phillips Sign and Lighting for Channel Letter Signs, Monument Signs, Wall Signs, Electronic Display Signs, and More

At Phillips Sign and Lighting, we take your branding needs and marketing goals seriously. We treat every sign as a unique work of art, and we’ll do everything we can to bring your ideal sign to life. Whether you want a channel letter sign, a monument sign, a wall sign, an electronic display sign, neon signs, or vehicle graphics, let us be your go-to source for your sign needs. Just give us a call at (586) 468-7110 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website if you have any questions or would like to request a free quote.

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