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Oct 15, 2020

Experience Is Key

 Experience Is Key

Many companies talk about experience when it comes to the products and services they provide. They'll say things like "55 years combined experience". That's obviously great and experience is a hugely important thing.

So when it came to our company, I was tasked with finding the accumalitive total of years experience we had as a whole company in the sign industry. Just after speaking with our Owner and GM, we were already at about 80 years. I hadn't even begun with our fabrication team, our install team, our sales team, our art department and our support staff. When I was finished, the number was incredible!

However, we had so much experience combined, I was concerned that sharing that number was going to make people question the number itself. And of course I didn't want that.

Just to give you an idea what I was up against, just check out the duration of time people have worked for Phillips Sign & Lighting alone. There's 55 of us!

Approximately 20% of our employees had been here from 15 to 30 years. 60% had been here from 5 to 15 years. And the remaining 20% have been here 1-5 years. And that's just with Phillips Sign & Lighting and not including other sign companies they had worked for in the past. That, not only, gives you some perspective on experience, but how great of a company that it is to work for.

Together we've grown as a TEAM.

We've learned from mistakes.

We take pride in the level of quality that everything leaves our shop in.

Experience shows ever so clearly in the end result of our signs. So, the next time you're taken back by the quality of a sign you see, look for the Phillips Sign & Lighting sticker on the side of it. It's taken hundreds and hundreds of combined experience years to bear the Phillips Sign & Lighting sticker we so proudly display on all of our signage.