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Mar 22, 2021

Does Your Sign Reflect Your Company?

 Does Your Sign Reflect Your Company?

When you pull in to work each day you should feel good about the way your sign looks. Your sign represents you and your brand and can welcome or detour potential customers considering coming in on a daily basis.

Not only, do you want a sign to represent your brand, but also to match and work well with the aesthetics of your building.

In the picture to your right, Johnny Black's Public House utilized an open face channel letter design with exposed bulbs. This creates a modern, but classic design that matches the building well. It also creates an urge to see what's going on inside the building. That's the key!



What should I consider when thinking about changing my sign?

There are a plethora of things to consider when designing the right sign for your business. From materials they're made from to the perfect color contrast (see below)...these are just a few things the professionals at Phillips Sign & Lighting will consult with you about your future sign.

detroit sign

Fanuc's sign utilized perfect color contracts to make this new building look incredible