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Mar 18, 2022

Increase Awareness of your Business with Channel Letter Signs

 Increase Awareness of your Business with Channel Letter Signs

If you’re looking for ways to attract more customers to your business with a simple, affordable, and effective change, a channel sign is the perfect addition. With a customized channel sign built to advertise your business, you can catch the eyes of customers driving or walking by much more effectively. You can show your customers that they’re in the right place while showing off some of your business’s personality while you’re at it.

What is a channel sign?

Channel signs are the large signs you see fixed on the outside of a business, usually above the door. These signs tend to be brightly colored and at least 10 feet long, making them hard to miss. You can customize the color scheme, text, font, and any logo you would like included – or no logo at all. They announce to customers and passersby that this building is a business worth noticing, and the sign gives them a glimpse into what your business does.

How do channel signs bring in more business?

Channel signs are a great way to get customers’ attention. Without a striking sign on the outside of your building, potential customers have to go inside or look up your business on their own to find out that it exists and what it does. If they’re not at least somewhat aware of the business already, they’re unlikely to seek out more about it. Channel signs are perfect for increasing awareness of your business, by getting people thinking about what you do and reserving you a spot in their memory. If you have LED lights built into the sign, it’ll become especially effective at night when it stands out from the darkened storefronts that don’t have light-up channel signs.

Phillips Sign & Lighting offers fully customizable channel signs with any feature you would like. We offer LED lighting for an attention grabbing statement, as well as halo lighting (outlining and backlighting the sign) for a more subtle look. Channel signs use little energy, but they grab attention throughout the day and night. We can create a sign that says whatever you need it to and includes your exact brand colors and logo, in any size and placement you choose. You can use a custom made channel sign to give customers a picture of the experience they can expect from your business. Whether you want it to be exciting and bright, or toned down and classy, a well made channel sign puts an idea in potential customers’ heads whenever they read it.

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Phillips Sign & Lighting Inc. | Customized channel signs & more

As the premier sign and lighting business in Metro Detroit, Phillips Sign & Lighting is the place to go if you want your business to stand out from the crowd. We will walk you through every stage of the design process to ensure that we get your channel sign set up exactly the way you’ve pictured it. If you need help with any design elements, we have the experienced eye to make suggestions on what will look best based on your goals. Once we finalize the plan, our experts will create the sign just how it was drawn up and securely install it so that it lasts for years to come.

To get a quote on a custom channel sign for your business, give us a call at (586) 468-7110 or send in an online contact form!

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