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May 05, 2022

Tips for Creating Storefront Signage that Drives Sales

 Tips for Creating Storefront Signage that Drives Sales

In today’s internet-driven age, it’s not likely that most potential customers will take the time to go inside and investigate a store to see if it’s worth buying anything from. This means that to draw people in from the street, you need effective signs to show them that you offer something relevant to them, and you have prices or deals that make your offerings worth their time. Having one simple sign isn’t going to give a person this kind of impression, you need more information to convey what your business can offer them. When you think of storefront signs, you may only think of the big block letters above the door. However, there’s a variety of storefront signs which you can use to attract attention and drive sales.

Channel Letter Signs

These are the big block letter signs above your door. While you can always use more than just one sign, your channel letter sign will draw attention first and have the biggest impression. That’s why it’s important to have a striking, attractive channel sign that can put an idea in potential customers’ heads of what they can expect from your business. Signs in general are a mix of clear and subliminal messaging. The clear message being the name of your business and possibly a slogan. Subliminal messaging could be anything from the logo you include to the colors you choose. All of these things give people an impression of your business, and if you get it right then you can bring in customers who know what to expect and who want to be there.

Window Signs

We’ve all gone past a business and seen large window signs advertising either their products or services, or some deal they have active. No matter what kind of experience you want to give your customers, window signs are never a bad idea. Some people think of window signs as tacky, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The sign doesn’t have to be huge letters and numbers in a loud neon color. You can choose a more elegant font and colors that fit seamlessly with your storefront’s design. Also, don’t count those loud window signs out. They tell you right away what’s being offered, and they draw attention better than most signs.

Outdoor Standalone Signs

If you’re a business that runs promotions and changes them regularly, then you could benefit from A-Frame signs or waterproof posters. A-Frame signs are built like a wet floor sign, but they can have anything you want on them. You could put images or text on them, or you could even put a blackboard on them for frequent promotional changes. Waterproof posters can be stuck on a small sign like you might see in the sales section of a clothing store. If you stick one of these outside near your door, people walking by will know you’ve got a promotion going on without anyone having to stand out there announcing it.

Phillips Sign & Lighting Inc. | Expert Sign Makers for any Purpose

If you want to drive sales, you need to get more customers into your business. You don’t just need more traffic though; you need customers who will actually be interested enough to buy what you offer once they get in. The best way to get more traffic and cut through the crowd of people who will lose interest once they get inside is by having effective and clear signage. At Phillips Sign & Lighting, effective and clear signage is our area of expertise. We can create custom signage for your business that captures exactly the message you want to send to customers. We’ll give you a consultation where we ask everything necessary to create the perfect design. Then, we’ll create the design and make sure you’re happy with it before we make the sign. We can even install the signs for you, too, to keep them securely on your building and working effectively.

To get a consultation on new signage for your business so you can drive more sales, give us a call at (586) 468-7110 or send in an online contact form with any questions!

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