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Jul 07, 2022

What Effect Does Font Have On Your Sign?

 What Effect Does Font Have On Your Sign?

The font you choose will make or break your sign. You can have the perfect color scheme, a nice creative logo, and an eye catching location, but they mean nothing if people can’t read your sign. You may be thinking, of course I’m not going to pick a font no one can read. But it happens, and sometimes it’s hard to realize until the sign has been created and you’ve already paid the bill. So, here are some important things to consider when choosing the right font for your business’s sign. 

Clarity is more important than fanciness 

You could be tempted to choose a fancy looking font, one in a cursive style or some other stylized type. It may go well with the impression you’re trying to give off to customers, that you’re an upscale and classy establishment. However, the fancier looking the font, the harder it is going to be. There are plenty of classy fonts that are still clear and easy to read from any distance. Chances are, the cursive is going to do more harm than good. 

Be careful with text effects 

Adding the right text effect to the font on your sign can make it look perfect, or it can make it impossible to read. If you want the copy on the sign to be wavy, then make sure that none of the letters end up too thin. You can still have the waves, as long as the letters aren’t so compressed in some areas that you can’t read it. Using words to create different shapes is also a popular effect. Putting words in a circle around a logo for example is easy to read and people are used to it. However, if you want words to appear in an “S” shape, you’re probably asking too much out of your readers. 

You don’t want people focused on the font 

The font should give off an impression subconsciously. You shouldn’t expect people to even notice the font, and you shouldn’t want them to. If they’re paying attention to the font itself, then that’s taking attention away from the message you have written and the whole reason the font is being used in the first place. 

Different fonts give customers different impressions 

There are tons and tons of different fonts out there so choosing one can become overwhelming. You can narrow down the search by choosing a category or two that you think would give the impression you’re looking for. There are upscale categories, like serif fonts which have short horizontal lines attached to the top and bottom of letters. There are professional fonts that give off a serious, experienced impression. Classic fonts give the impression of being formal without going overboard. Conservative fonts are traditional types that aren’t too out there. There are also fun fonts that show customers you don’t take yourself too seriously, and also could show that you’re a kid-friendly store. 


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