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Dec 15, 2022

Winter Maintenance Tips for your Signs

 Winter Maintenance Tips for your Signs

The full function and importance of your sign lie in its appearance, the winter elements can take a toll on that. The last thing you want to do is advertise your business with a beaten-up, tattered sign. It doesn’t send the message that you’re hoping for. So, when this Michigan winter hits, be prepared to protect and maintain your sign with these tips so that it can do your business justice!

Tips for maintaining your sign this winter

Keep it clean

You’ve seen the way cars look in the middle of the winter after dealing with the elements for a while. Salt, mud, and melting snow mix together and coat the car with a cloudy substance that takes away the vehicle’s shine. This same thing can happen with your signs. If you notice your sign is looking a little duller than usual, take a rag with some warm water or a cleaning solution and polish it up.

Check the condition of your sign

Just like a driveway with cracks in it, the melting and freezing ice will get into cracks in your sign and widen them. If you’ve got a channel sign or LED sign, check the seals on it to see if there is anywhere that water can get in. If there is, seal it up so that the freezing ice can’t damage your sign.

Watch the forecast when you’re closed

If you close up for the weekend or for a holiday, keep an eye on the forecast leading up to and during those days. If it’s forecasted to be extremely cold or snowy, take measures to protect your sign from the elements.

Check the mounting

The signs themselves aren’t the only part that can get damaged. If your sign is hanging or attached to your building, take a moment to check out its mounting. If the chains or screws look like they’ve seen better days, it’s best to replace them. The winter is the most stressful time for the mounting, and you want to know you can rely on it.

Ask for professional help

A sign can be a costly investment, so the last thing you want is for it to break beyond repair due to the elements. Instead of having to shell out the original cost again to replace it, ask professionals like the ones at Phillips Sign & Lighting for help maintaining it. We can help you keep your signs looking perfect year-round.

Phillips Sign & Lighting Co. | Winter sign maintenance and repair

Don’t let winter elements rob your business of one of its most important pieces of advertising, let the experts at Phillips Sign & Lighting help you protect it. Our team can keep your sign looking its best all the time. If your sign does sustain damage, we can repair it. If the damage has gotten too bad for repairs, we can work on a replacement for you with our in-house design and build team.

To learn more about this, give us a call at (586) 468-7110 or send in an online contact form today!