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Feb 08, 2023

Trends in Sign Design for 2023

 Trends in Sign Design for 2023

The whole point of putting up signs for your business is to attract customers, and to stay attractive to customers, you have to keep up with the latest trends. Design goes through trends of what works and what doesn’t. You see it most clearly in fashion, but it happens in signage for businesses too. Here are the big trends for signage design in 2023.

Refurbished Signs

They’ve always been cool to see, but they’re making a big comeback this year. Having a refurbished or reclaimed element to your business’s sign will really catch people’s eyes. We’re talking about putting a fresh face on a vintage-style sign. You’ve seen it with old beer and soda signs in people’s garages and man caves, and it can be applied to your business too. If your business has history and over time you’ve modernized your signage, consider paying homage to the original design. It highlights the character of your business, and shows people you’ve been successful enough to stick around a while.

Minimalist and Two-Color

For the last few years, businesses have been moving toward a minimalist look in their logos and signs. Having a minimalist look keeps your signage looking sleek and clean, without any distractions from the message you’re trying to get across. The same goes for using only two colors, such as black and white. This keeps the focus of the sign on your business and whatever you are advertising. Plus, having too many colors can make a sign look too loud and not as pleasing to the eye.

Prominent QR Codes

This one is more for signs on the windows or a-frame signs on the street outside your door. As smartphones and digital marketing weave themselves further and further into advertising, you can’t ignore the benefit of using QR codes. And if you’re going to set one up, you want to make sure the people who use them can see them. People are getting used to QR codes now (think about how many restaurants put a QR code on the table for their menu), and they wouldn’t be shocked to see them in your advertising. If anything, it makes them more likely to be used.

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