Channel Letters

Do you want a sign that reaches out and grabs the attention of potential customers? Then a very popular style for your business is channel letters.

Channel letters work well for all types of businesses and locations, including standalone buildings, plazas and malls. The letters and logos can be whatever you want them to be! This gives you the freedom in design, style and mounting.

Channel letters are individual letters typically face lit utilizing super bright LED illumination. These letters are mounted individual (remote mount) or mounted on a raceway that is installed on your building, and can be painted to match.

With the advent of LED illumination, we recommend using a photo cell to control the power to your sign. On at dusk or even cloudy darker days and off at daybreak. For a subtler look, ask us about halo illumination.

Your channel letter sign, while consuming very little energy, is your 24-hour salesperson.

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