Phillips Sign & Lighting has the experience you are looking for with large project signs. These monumental signs aren’t just about scale; they’re about making an unforgettable statement.

Signs Engineered for Impact

Large Scale Projects

Large projects demand signs that match their scale. Our expertise is in creating signs that command attention, whether it’s towering pylon signs or expansive digital displays.

Strategic Visibility

Navigating large spaces requires strategic sign placement. We specialize in creating signs that guide seamlessly, ensuring your message reaches every corner of your project.

Branding on a Large Scale

Large Project Signs are more than just markers; they are ambassadors of your brand. We focus on creating impactful signs that not only inform but also leave a mark on your audience.

The Phillips Sign & Lighting Advantage

Customized Solutions

Every large project is unique, and so are our sign solutions. Made to fit the specific requirements of your project, our signs are crafted for maximum impact.

Precision Engineering

Large signs demand precision. Our skilled engineers make sure that every element of your sign, from structure to lighting, is skillfully crafted for durability and visual appeal.

Project Management

Managing large signage projects can be complex. Our experienced team is skilled in project management, ensuring they are delivered on time and on budget.

Your Vision

Your large-scale project needs signage expertise that you can trust. Let Phillips Sign & Lighting be your partner in turning your vision into a reality. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your large sign project make a lasting impact on your business.