Increasing visibility and brand recognition, a projecting sign can attract more foot traffic and boost customer engagement. Stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression with a customized projecting sign for your business.

Projecting Signs

Street Presence

Projecting Signs aren’t just static markers; they are statements. Especially for main street businesses, standing out on a crowded street can be achieved through a well placed projection sign.


Design is an important aspect when creating a Projecting Sign. A quality sign is when design meets functionality. Our designers ensure that your brand doesn’t just blend in but that it draws the attention of potential customers.


Projecting Signs set the standard for your business. When strategically placed, they extend your brand’s reach to go beyond storefronts, making your business stand out in the community.

The Phillips Sign & Lighting Advantage

Projecting Solutions

Your brand is one of a kind, and so are our Projecting Signs. We tailor our solutions to align with the branding of your business, ensuring that your sign mirrors your brand identity.

Quality Materials, Lasting Impressions

Crafted with quality materials, our Projecting Signs are not just visually appealing; they are built to withstand the elements, making your sign a great addition to any environment.

Professional Installation Mastery

Projecting Signs require precise installation. Our skilled team ensures that each sign is securely and professionally installed, guaranteeing your brand is seen just as you intended it.

Your Brand Projection

Contact us today to discuss how we can make your presence known with expertly crafted Projecting Signs.