Keep your business shining bright with regular sign and lighting service! Our expert team ensures your existing sign remains in top condition, maintaining its visual impact and brand representation. From cleaning and maintenance to repairs and upgrades, we offer comprehensive service solutions tailored to your needs.

sign and lighting service and repair

Expert Service

Our sign service technicians prioritize safety and quality in every job. We use UL-listed materials, ensuring your sign adheres to the highest industry standards for fire safety and durability. Additionally, all our work strictly follows NEC code, guaranteeing electrical compliance and peace of mind. No matter if it is business sign repair, commercial light repair, or if a sign bulb is out, we’re here to help.

24/7 Visibility

Our repair services are just a phone call away. We are always available to make sure that your sign is visible and your parking lot or business lights are on. Stand out from the rest and keep your business looking its best.

Protect Your Investment

Signs are an investment. Our Service & Repair team is here to make sure that you receive timely repairs, keeping your investment in top condition. We offer maintenance plans for commercial signs and lighting, where we will visit your location and perform an inspection and any necessary repairs regularly. Especially for multiple locations, sign and lighting maintenance plans help reduce downtime and makes property management easier.

Commercial Lighting Repair

No matter if you’re a business owner, property manager, or facility operator, maintaining well-functioning lights is crucial for safety, productivity, and aesthetics. Our team is here to provide parking lot light repair, warehouse light repair, and other commercial light repair services. Whether it’s a flickering bulb, malfunctioning ballast, or faulty wiring, our skilled technicians can repair all commercial lighting-related issues promptly.

What Sets Our Service Apart?

Swift Solutions

We are committed to getting your sign back in action as quickly as possible. If it ever needs repair, we want to help minimize any negative impact it can have on your business operations.

Technician Know-How

Our technicians are experts at what they do. Whether it’s electrical components or structural integrity, our team has you covered.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

We have custom maintenance plans designed for your sign’s specific needs, keeping it in perfect working condition year-round.

Need Service?

Call us today or use the form below to schedule a sign service or repair appointment with a Phillips Sign & Lighting technician. You can trust us to keep your sign looking its best!