How Quality Signs Improve any Business

How Quality Signs Improve any Business

April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022

Investing in a high quality sign will do tons more for your business than you might expect. A sign doesn’t just show your potential customers the name of your business, it gives them an impression of what kind of experience they can expect from you. There are multiple conscious and subconscious effects that a well-designed sign will have on potential customers, so let’s breakdown how quality signs can improve your business.

First point of communication with a customer

The biggest benefit of signage for a business is increasing brand awareness. Even if your sign doesn’t pull someone in off the street, they’ll remember that your business is right there and possibly come back when they want something you offer.

Symbols can convey tons of information without a single word, so the name of your business isn’t the only thing that your sign tells people. Depending on how your sign looks, customers will form an opinion on what it means about your business. Sometimes is this a conscious thought, and sometimes it’s through subliminal messaging. For example, a store that sells luxury clothing but has a cheap looking sign won’t impress their target market. This effect stays with customers even once they’ve used your products or services. This initial impression will act as a primer, and a bad primer can make customers think less of your offerings than they would have if they saw an effective sign.

Strong way to stand out among the crowd

Especially if you’re in an area with many other shops and businesses, direct competitors or not, a striking and creative sign is a great way to cut through the noise and impress potential customers. The better your sign, the more likely someone is to walk into your store and the more likely they are to remember your business if they don’t come in the first time they see it.

Well placed sign can drive in business from miles around. When you’re driving on the highway and you see one of those tall pole signs for a McDonald’s in the town at the next exit, you know what’s there immediately and can make a decision to make your turn before you miss the chance.

Long lasting marketing tool that pays for itself

What other kind of marketing tool is visible in the same spot every hour of every day, no matter what? Billboards are the closest thing, but they’re still not the same. You have to keep paying for a billboard if you want your ad to stay up, unlike a sign that stays up until it breaks down. Until the effects of weather over many years wear down your sign, it will sit there constantly and give people something to picture in their mind when they think of your business.

The “impulse buy” factor

Everybody has made an impulse buy at some point in their life. While some may feel guilty about it if they overspent, it actually tends to be a source of happiness for most people. According to a SlickDeals survey, 72% of respondents said that they made an impulse buy which improved their mood during the pandemic. The rates of impulse buying rose during the pandemic, too. The average American spends $182 every month on impulse buying.

You know what attracts impulse buying? A well-placed, effective sign. Whether that’s the sign on your storefront when someone is driving by, or a sign at the checkout counter advertising a deal or new product, good signs push impulse buys.


There is plenty more benefit to high-quality, unique signage than meets the eye. The subconscious effects that a good looking sign in the right spot can have are incredibly beneficial to a business. On the other hand, a subpar sign can really hurt your business’s image. At Phillips Sign & Lighting Co., our experts can help you design the perfect sign to draw in customers and give people the right impression about your business. We’ll take into account what kind of experience you aim to provide your customers, as well as the personality of your business, so that we can custom-make a sign that does your company justice while impressing potential customers.

To get started on your custom sign, or to get a quote, give us a call at (586) 468-7110 or send in an online contact form today!

At Phillips Sign & Lighting, we take pride in our team’s commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Together, we are dedicated to lighting up your brand and leaving a lasting impression.
At Phillips Sign & Lighting, we take pride in our team’s commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Together, we are dedicated to lighting up your brand and leaving a lasting impression.